Multifetal Pregnancy in Pune

Multifetal Pregnancy in Pune

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Multifetal pregnancy means when a mother carries twins or triplets or more than that multiple. It is a cause of mortality and morbidity in babies during birth. Obstetrician faces challenges during pregnancy. During the surgical process or usual way of delivery, the babies need special care. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, USA, the births of twins have increased by seventy-five per cent. The births of triplets and quadruplets have also raised.

The cause of this increase is women are getting infertility treatments. In infertility treatments, more than one embryo gets implanted in the uterus. It increases the chance of being pregnant. Nowadays, many women are waiting to get pregnant in the later stages of life. It decreases the chances of getting pregnant through the normal process.

The younger woman has a higher chance of getting pregnant than an older woman. To attempt pregnancy, older women are opting for infertility clinics. Even though the medical sciences have improved a lot from the 1980s, women still face complications for multifetal pregnancy.

Twins are the most common multifetal pregnancy among the others. When an embryo gets divided, identical twins occur. Two different eggs and sperms give non-identical twins happen. There is a chance that one of the twins may disappear during the initial stages. It causes vaginal bleeding.

Everything You Need to Know About Multifetal Pregnancy

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Signs and symptoms of Multifetal Pregnancy

Listed below are the signs and symptoms of Multifetal Pregnancy.

Larger Uterus

In the early stages of pregnancy, if the mother is carrying twins or more babies, then the size of the uterus becomes large. The uterus wall expands to give space to the babies. Thus the mother’s body looks big than expected.

Morning Sicknesses

Mothers who carry more than one baby in their womb face more morning sickness than usual. The nausea feelings might occur at an early stage, even before the pregnancy test.

Increase in appetite

The umbilical cord of the mother provides food for the babies. Carrying more than one baby will demand more food intake so that the babies in the womb get proper nutrition.

Gains weight

In the early stages of pregnancy, the mother gains a lot of weight. As the womb is the home to multiple babies, thus the mother starts to gains weight in the early stages.

Movements felt in the uterus

Movements of the babies in different parts of the uterus. The mother will feel fatigued. During the first trimester, the mother will go through exhaustion, lethargy and sleepiness.


Getting more than one heartbeat in doppler heartbeat count. A doppler system gives out harmless sound waves. It amplifies the fetal sound. It helps to know the heartbeats of the babies.

AFP Test

The results of the AFP test comes abnormal. It is a blood test. A woman who is pregnant with more than one baby produces a higher blood test result.

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Diagnosis of Multifetal Pregnancy

Many women mistakenly believe they are carrying two or more babies. Early in pregnancy, the healthcare practitioner may make the diagnosis of multiples. If you’ve taken reproductive treatments, this is particularly true. A medical history, physical examination, and any of the following tests may be used by the doctor to make the diagnosis:

Pregnancy blood testing

Multiple pregnancies may result in elevated levels of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).


When more than one baby is producing the same protein, the amount produced by the fetal liver and detected in the mother’s blood may be higher.


To produce pictures of blood arteries, tissues, and organs, this imaging technique utilizes high-frequency sound waves. In the early stages of pregnancy, ultrasounds may be performed using a vaginal probe (transducer). Alternatively, an abdominal probe may be used later on in pregnancy.

Treatment of Multifetal Pregnancy

Proper Nutrition

Carrying more than one baby will need an intake of high nutrition-rich food. As the umbilical cords carry nutrition to the babies, thus nutrition should be more in the mother’s blood.

Frequent Pregnancy Checkups

Multifetal pregnancy increases the risk of complications. Thus the mother needs regular checkups. The pregnancy visits will determine defects at an early stage.

Take Complete Rest

Prolong your time to take rest. Avoid standing for too long during later stages of pregnancies.

Tocolytic medications

If premature labour occurs, it slows or stops the contraction in the uterus. This treatment is given intravenously or through injections and orally.

Cervical cerclage

Women who have a weak cervix receives cervical cerclage. It helps the cervix to stay close.

Corticosteroid medications

It helps to mature the lungs of the baby.

12+ Years of Experience as
Sexologist and Infertility Specialist

12+ Years of Experience as
Sexologist and Infertility Specialist


Precision and timeliness in diagnosis are important for effective treatment, and our team believes in this philosophy. Each of our specialists relies on the knowledge and experience of others to listen attentively to you, evaluate you holistically from all aspects, and provide a diagnosis and treatment plan that is suitable to your particular requirements and objectives.


Which type of Multifetal pregnancy is most common?

Fraternal twins are the most common multifetal pregnancy. It is from two separate eggs that get fertilised by two different sperms. The twins are like any other siblings. Fraternal twins can be of different sex, unlike identical twins. They are also called Dizygotic Twins.

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Doctor is very friendly & attentive. Listens to you gives you plenty of time. one stop solutions for all diagnostics. All the test samples are collected at clinic only, Dr. Ramit Kamte is very compassionate and is really good at his skills. I would highly recommend him.

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Dr. Ramit Kamate is a Reproductive Medicine Consultant and Sexologist with experience of 12+ years. He specialises in Sexual Medicine for male and female, Fertility Treatment, Pre and Post Delivery Care, Normal Vaginal Delivery (NVD), Tubectomy/Tubal Ligation, Natural Cycle IVF, MTP.

Dr. Ramit Kamate finished MBBS from B J Medical College, Pune. He pursued Masters’s In Reproductive Medicine from Hamilton University, UK & IBCME Dubai. Completed Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynaecology and Sexual Medicine from USA.

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