Medical Termination of Pregnancy in Pune

medical termination of pregnancy in pune

What is Medical Termination of Pregnancy?

Medical termination pregnancy is a process of terminating pregnancy using drugs. It is possible to terminate pregnancy up to 9 weeks, after which clinical termination takes over. It is one of the harmless modes of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.

In this technique, we give a set of m edicines to the patient for oral consumption or injection. After this first medication, we provide another dose of tablets to consume orally or implant vaginally at home or hospital. Generally, the gap between these two medications is 3 to 7 days.

Along with medications, we prescribe antibiotics to avoid any infection. This medicine is headed and trailed by a health inspection to regulate optimistic pregnancy and abortion. The set of tablets given is also known as abortion drugs or RU 486 in therapeutic terms.

Earlier, the medicine used for medical abortion was Methotrexate and Misoprostol, collectively known as MTX. Methotrexate is used for managing cancer and is very strong; hence it was substituted by Mifepristone. A contraceptive capsule or the morning-after capsule is a birth control capsule and not a medical treatment for pregnancy. It is only effective before pregnancy.

Everything You Need to Know About Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)

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Treatment procedure

It is a medicine based treatment, and therefore you can take it at home as well. The first step after defining the pregnancy is to visit a gynaecologist for a clinical examination to check all the dangers associated with medical termination of pregnancy.

Once permitting for medical abortion, we give Mifepristone either by injection or orally. We also prescribe misoprostol in the following 36 to 72 hours. You can consume it orally or introduce it vaginally.

The mifepristone breaks and blocks progesterone and hampers the pregnancy. The misoprostol causes shrinkages and expels the fetus. This procedure is followed by widespread vaginal bleeding for the subsequent two weeks.

After that, another medical inspection is required to ensure the totality of abortion and check for any difficulties. There are also ready-to-take MTP medicines available in the market. It is continuously advisable to consult a doctor for any issues.

Eligibility for the treatment

Females who have conceived unintentionally and don’t want to have a kid can opt for this treatment but only in the initial stages of pregnancy. The maximum time for an abortion is till nine weeks. However, some gynecologist favors it only up to 7 weeks from the absence of the first menstrual cycle. After this period, medically terminated pregnancy is impossible and can even lead to severe health issues.

Barriers to the treatment

Females who are suffering from certain disorders are not suitable for medical abortion. In the circumstance of ectopic pregnancy, the treatment becomes invalid. Clinic conditions in which medical termination pregnancy is not valid are ovarian frame, anaemia, adrenal disappointment, and bleeding and seizure syndromes.

Females with liver or kidney difficulties, heart infection, or high blood pressure, are given a high amount of antibiotics to avoid snags. Females who use an intrauterine expedient are also not eligible for medical abortion.

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Advantages and benefits

  • Termination of pregnancy through medication is an effective and harmless technique for very early pregnancies.
  • It evades the usage of anaesthesia, surgical procedure or vacuum aspiration.
  • It is done with extra confidentiality and has privacy.
  • The process is non-invasive.

Side effects

There are no extended period side effects of both the drugs used in the procedure of medical termination pregnancy. Both drugs also do not disturb a female’s fertility. However, there are some short period effects of medical abortion.

Physical difficulties that trail medical abortion may comprise extreme bleeding, nausea, vomiting, fever, and chills. Contamination in the pelvic part and blood clots in the uterus is also common in medical abortion. In some situations, the cervix also gets originated to be torn or cut. Imperfect or ineffective medical termination pregnancy can also be life-threatening a well.

12+ Years of Experience as
Sexologist and Infertility Specialist

12+ Years of Experience as
Sexologist and Infertility Specialist

Post-treatment guidelines

Medical terminating pregnancy is a painful process both physically and mentally that lasts for a couple of weeks. The doctor always recommends taking whole rest for complete retrieval before getting on with your regular life. It is better to have a backing system to cheer up your changing mood swings and the drastic hormonal change after this procedure.

In the case of pains, we advise to massage and use heating pads to relieve pain. You can also use a drug like ibuprofen to reduce cramps and discomfort. Stay hydrated if you have a sensation of vomiting or diarrhoea.

Recovery time

Medical abortion is a procedure of surgical termination. The entire process can take up to 2 to 3 weeks to control the result. The total retrieval duration of the treatment can go up to 30 to 40 days.

The medical termination of pregnancy is very much effective if done in hospitals with appropriate examination and consultation. It has a 90% to 95% success rate under the proper guidance of a doctor. Contact us we will help you.

Alternatives to the medical termination pregnancy

Substitutes to medical termination pregnancy are solid to find in terms of efficiency. Many ayurvedic and natural products are very much effective in terminating premature pregnancy. Fruits such as papaya, goji berries, and pineapple are the best substitutes. Some physical workouts are also used in many portions of the world to dismiss primary pregnancy.

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