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IVF failure is the most common thing as unfortunately; IVF treatment cannot provide you success. An IVF failure can be the most frustrating thing ever for you and your partner. Several people feel a sense of misery, annoyance, frustration, demotivation, and profound depression. But you should not feel bad about it and should not lose your hope.

Every individual or couple hammers out a different path while dealing with infertility treatments. The media, magazine cover, and entertainment shows of course define IVF like a saunter through the garden. There are several Actresses and entertainers of 40, who have successfully performed IVF treatment and got a seeming result as well. So you should always remember that it is a common thing and Media platforms perform everything because of money. What you see is just a part. There is more to it and you can only find the external part if you perform the research and experience.

In this article, you will learn everything about IVF failure and what you can do further.

Everything You Need to Know About Fail IVF

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What is IVF?

The full form of IVF is In Vitro Fertilization, which is a very hard process that is used to help individuals or couples with their fertility. It is also used to prevent genetic problems and helps in assisting a child among couples.

In the process of IVF, the mature eggs are collected from the ovaries of the woman and further fertilized by sperm cells. In addition, the formed embryo is further transferred back to the uterus. This almost is a lengthy process of three weeks to complete the whole IVF process, and can sometimes be more time-consuming. Moreover, when the process fails then it is considered as the Fail IVF.

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Why does IVF fail?

The whole process of performing the IVF can be daunting for an individual. A person might further think about when the eggs are obtained and when it combines with the sperm to form the embryos. Apart from everything a person should know that pregnancy is the most complicated and vital thing of life. Therefore there are several reasons that can particularly fail the IVF process. Nevertheless, there are several possible factors that can further help you identify the reason behind the failure. So without wasting let’s go further.

Causes of Fail IVF

The most important things that are required to perform a successful IVF include a healthy egg, normal and functional sperm along with a uterus that has the capacity to nurture the baby. Apart from this some other factors that can result in the failure of IVF include the Lab environment, technologies used, and the proficiency of the performing person.

The failure of the IVF can occur among individuals due to several reasons. The reasons and causes are quite indistinctive. Furthermore, for your better understanding some of the basic causes are listed below:

Quality of the Embryo

Quality is the most common reason that affects the treatment of IVF. These mainly hamper the IVF cycle and thus it hampers the life of individuals as well. There are several embryos that cannot be transplanted after the transfer to the uterus due to their defectiveness. The embryos that look really healthy might not be the same as they look, not even in the lab. The defective embryos furthermore lead to the death of the cells rather than growing.

Egg Cell Problems

The human egg is the most complicated subject with a very complicated structure. You might be able to recall that you have read about the dividing process of cells into chromosome copies and starts lining in the middle of the cell. In addition, the chromosomes move due to the attachment to a structure commonly called the spindle apparatus. With the breaking of the cells, the half amount of chromosomes further move to the right and further moves to the left.

With the high age of the oocyte, the chromosome starts to break down in an abnormal manner and further creates a nonviable embryo. According to studies it is also found that 25%-40% of oocytes are chromosomally abnormal and as the woman ages it also starts to increase accordingly.

The Age of the Eggs

Age also plays a huge part while undergoing IVF. When a woman starts to grow older, the quality and quantity of a woman’s egg starts to deteriorate. Moreover, this further creates a huge problem in conceiving while performing either IVF or not. According to study, around 25% of embryos used in IVF result in the accurate birth rate, whereas women aging 38 have the success rate of 39% and over this age, it is 17%.

Responsiveness of the ovaries

There might be some time a woman’s ovary refuses to respond to the IVF medication and thus fails to produce several eggs at a time. Women who are more than 37 have a high follicle-stimulating hormone level and can find it difficult to produce a huge amount of eggs. In such a case, the chances of getting a failed IVF are really high.


Several lifestyles can also hamper IVF treatment. If you are into smoking and drinking then you should stop it before you indulge in IVF treatment. Smoking mainly leads to miscarriage. Another situation is that if you are overweight then you should perform exercises and should try to have a healthy figure as it can also hamper the IVF.

12+ Years of Experience as
Sexologist and Infertility Specialist

12+ Years of Experience as
Sexologist and Infertility Specialist

What should be performed with an IVF fail?

There is nothing to worry about if you face an IVF fail then you can further follow the below points:

  • Try to ensure an honest opinion from your doctor on the chances of success.
  • You can consider indulging in the drug protocol especially if you find difficulty in the stimulation or a low number of eggs.
  • With good-looking embryos that failed to implant, you should definitely perform a second IV treatment.
  • Try to also consider the donor sperm, donor embryos but after performing the second IVF.
  • You can also have a problem, which cannot be seen easily. In this case, you can always face Implantation Failure because the embryos remain too weak to further continue the development.

What is the success rate of performing Second IVF?

Overall, the success rates of IVF are slightly lower in terms of second attempts if compared to first IVF treatments. Couples with the high-quality egg are more prone to get pregnant on their first attempt, whereas this is stabilized out to some point by taking lessons from the first failed cycle and making adaptations to increase the success rate for the second IVF treatment.

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