Endometrial Receptivity Analysis in Pune

endometrial receptivity analysis in pune


The ERA is a genetic test to find the best day to transfer the embryo in the IVF cycle. The ERA results can benefit every 3 in 10 IVF patients. It decreases implantation failure in women with a history of unsuccessful embryo transfers.

The ERA broadens the chances of pregnancy for patients with a history of repeated implantation failure with high-quality embryos.

Everything You Need to Know About Endometrial Receptivity Analysis

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What is Endometrial Receptivity Analysis?

ERA or Endometrial Receptivity Analysis is a genetic test to evaluate endometrial lining. Only a developed endometrial lining accepts embryos and increases the implantation chances. We examine the best day for embryo transfer during the IVF cycle.

With the help of progesterone, a person prepares their uterine for further implementation. A receptive result indicates the right moment of the biopsy and the embryo implementation. It also helps to increase the chances of conception during In Vitro fertilization (IVF).

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When is the ERA test done?

Each woman has an ‘implantation window’ in her cycle. At this point, the secretory phase and the ovaries produce progesterone. We ask the patient to take progesterone supplements for 4-5 days before the test.

Progesterone is crucial as it helps in changing uterine lining so that the doctor can implant the embryo. It also helps to create the proteins that further make the lining thicker.

We do an ERA test as a mock cycle on the same day when embryo transfer is scheduled. After obtaining biopsies, we analyze the genes, and the ERA test predicts endometrium as receptive or non-receptive. If it’s receptive, we transfer the embryo at the same time, and if, it’s non-receptive, we wait for the women’s implantation window.

Why is the ERA test required?

The implementation failure is a devastating scenario. Some women undergo three or more rounds of IVF even when everything goes well. In this situation, the embryos also appear to be healthy and of good quality, but the pregnancy never sticks at the position. It also includes a smooth transferring, but the implementation fails to provide pregnancy.

The failure of implementation can be a tricky and frustrating situation for fertility experts as every patient wants a solution, and the doctors want to help. Luckily, new and improvised technologies have helped in implantation to find the right path of pregnancy. The ERA test falls accordingly in the latest technology.

Some of the reasons that can fail in the implementation:

  • Genetic Abnormalities– The genetic abnormality is commonly found in the embryo, especially in the older woman and eggs with a high age has a high chance of chromosomal abnormality. Not many men can find sperm abnormality. Moreover, if the patient has RIF, then Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) will the highly recommended. In addition, another effective option is to consider the donor eggs.
  • Uterine Receptivity Problems– If we find no genetic reason for the implementation failure, then testing moves on the receptivity issues with the uterus. It can include several things like anatomical problems which deal with the positioning of the uterus. It comprises the disorders and imbalances of the hormones, thyroids, or autoimmune functions as well. The lining of the endometrial can also be the reason.

12+ Years of Experience as
Sexologist and Infertility Specialist

12+ Years of Experience as
Sexologist and Infertility Specialist

How ERA is done?

We perform an ERA test with the help of a mock embryo transfer cycle before the IVF and FET. We further diagnose the sample to evaluate endometrial receptivity. It tells us the optimal day for embryo transfer.

Furthermore, we transfer the sample to the lab to complete the molecular analysis. It gives us the best time to implant the embryo in the future cycle. Three vital results for your better understanding:

  • Pro-Receptive

It includes the endometrium that is not ready to receive the embryo, and further transfer is not an ideal option.

  • Receptive

It includes the moment where the endometrial biopsy was taken with an optimal time to transfer the embryo for implantation.

  • Post Receptive

It includes the stage for optimal embryo implantation but has gone past it.

Once we perform the test and have its results, then we further transfer you to your doctor. He will guide you in personalizing IVF protocol and schedule your embryo transfer to undergo a hustle-free implementation.

Why should you go for ERA?

If you have just begun to conceive with no past miscarriages, then you may think about Endometrial Receptivity. During your first fertility consultation, the clinical teams will teat your ovarian reserve and its function.

The doctor can also use ultrasound to test your ovaries, uterus so that they can have a clear visualization of your uterine lining.

Usually, the ERA is only preferred if a person has already gone with two or more IVF cycles which were not successful in the past. It can be a choice if a person has two or more miscarriages. You can also consult with your fertility expert doctor about the Preimplantation Genetic Testing Aneuploidy to provide a healthy baby and decrease the chances of miscarriages.

What is the cost of ERA?

The ERA test is most important before an embryo transfer procedure. In recent times the insurance does not hold up or include the ERA, but the cost and prices can further vary from one clinic to the other. It is, therefore it is better to talk with the doctor before performing the ERA.

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