Embryo Donation in Pune

embryo donation in pune


After you conceive a baby through IVF, you could uncover a circumstance that suggests more embryos than you are known. In such situations, you can either store them for the future or can discard them.

You can also donate this to the research clinics or another intended couple. The frozen or cryopreserved embryos are easily stored or donated. The adoption performed by a couple for further conceiving is known as the Embryos Adaption.

What is Embryo Donation?

Embryo Donation is a process of third-party reproduction where a different version of sperm or egg is donated. In this process, a couple becomes successful parents with the help of genetic materials, including fertilized embryos provided by others. With the advancement of technology, nothing is impossible, and we can also transfer a single embryo.

In simple terms, the process following the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can result in more amounts of fertilized eggs (embryos) than expected. We can maintain the remaining ones in a different environment to being utilized by other pairings. It is commonly known as Embryo Donation.

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Who can think of Embryo Adaption?

The woman who faces problems in terms of fertilization can think of using an Embryo Adaption for conceiving. Some patients with untreatable infertility and genetic diseases can not develop embryos. Such couples can consider embryo donation to become parents.

What is the process of Embryo Donation?

According to the National Registry for Adaption, embryo donation can happen in six steps:

  • Locate the embryo Donor: This includes finding the embryo donor with the help of a clinic or hospital.
  • Approval from the doctor: A doctor will further check up on the extra embryo, and will suggest whether we can use it or not.
  • Contract Signing: The process of transferring the extra embryo is said to be a property transfer, and thus: it needs a proper contract signing.
  • Arranging Transportation of the Embryos: The clinic or hospital where the embryo is present will provide all the required information. In addition, they will also help in embryo transportation.
  • Medications: When the embryo will arrive at the desired location, the doctor use medication to follow the treatment protocol necessary for the adoption.
  • Transfer of Frozen Embryo: Lastly, the doctor will complete embryo transfer at the clinic. With a time gap of 2 weeks, you can further take the pregnancy test to know the good news.

12+ Years of Experience as
Sexologist and Infertility Specialist

12+ Years of Experience as
Sexologist and Infertility Specialist

How are embryos screened to protect yourself and your child?

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guides the screening of embryos. It is crucial to screen embryos before transferring them.

Moreover, intended parents use extra embryos in the future. To perform the screening, the donors have to provide detailed information regarding their medical history.

The screening provides the presence of infectious diseases, including HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, and Chlamydia.

Furthermore, if the donor could not meet any screening diagnosis, the adapter is warned about the chances of transmitting diseases.

What should be followed by the Recipients?

The recipients should consider providing detailed information from both partner’s histories, including blood type and Rh factor, and testing for sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and syphilis.

Counseling is also crucial, and the recipients should not avoid this at any cost. Address the difficulties that you may experience in using a donated embryo with the mental illness expert.

Recipients examine the pelvic area, including the uterus or womb. Furthermore, if the beneficiary is above 45 years old, a more thorough examination will be carried out. It could include an assessment of heart function and the risk of pregnancy-related diseases.

What are the benefits of Embryo Donation?

When an embryo is donated, a person allows and helps other individuals to experience pregnancy and child delivery. The child can have traits that are inbuilt due to the donor. The Donors do not get any special compensation, except for some basic expenses that further include medical screening tests.

The ultimate amount of benefit a person can achieve while transforming an Embryo donation is the amount of happiness. It is a happiness that can relax the inner peace of mind. Helping others to lead a happy life is the ultimate benefit the donor can achieve.

Is counseling necessary?

Experts on mental health should inform both donors and beneficiaries of the difficulty of donating and receiving embryos. This discussion should involve a look at how donor information is disseminated as well as any possible donor-to-child interactions.

Nonbiological parenting issues, such as disclosure to future offspring, are discussed with the beneficiaries. If donors are known, they should examine the potential link between donors, recipients, and subsequent children.

What is the success rate of Embryo Donation?

The average success rate of Embryo Donation is 40%. Unlike several statistics, the success rate will also vary according to the program and the clinic itself.

Its success rate is slightly higher than the performance of the standard IVF implantation. It happens because the donated or adopted have already gone through Pre-implantation Genetic Testing.

Other things like the embryo’s quality, donor’s age, the number of embryos transferred, and the embryo’s developmental stage when frozen also decide the success rate.

What is the cost of an Embryo Donation?

An embryo donation process is a cost-effective thing to consider. Averagely, the Embryo donation cost range from $10,000 to $15,000, but it may also depend on several clinics.

If you are considering an agency, then you have to pay agency fees, including matching services. It may also include the expense of sending the embryo from the facility where it was produced. All this can include an average cost of $4,000 to $8,000 as well.

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