Cramping after IUI is perfectly normal, and doctors consider cramping after IUI  a good sign of pregnancy. However, if the pain and cramping are unbearable, then it raises concern. So before we dive deeper into why it cramps after IUI,  let’s first learn about IUI.

IUI, which stands for intrauterine insemination, Is a fertility procedure in which the sperms are directly injected into the uterus for quicker and more accurate conception. IUI is scheduled during ovulation( maturation of eggs). The fertility expert can put the women on fertility medications to produce more eggs per ovulation cycle. The chances of conception increase with IUI because the sperms easily reach fallopian tubes for fertilization.

Getting Cramps- What causes cramps after IUI?

Having cramps after IUI is very normal. However, it cramps for the following reasons:

  • The sperms are inserted in the uterus via the cervix through a catheter. When the catheter bypasses the cervical lining, it may cause uneasiness in the womb.
  • Also, when the catheter is pulled out, you may feel cramps after the IUI process. It happens when the uterus is trying to restore itself.
  •  After IUI, the fertilization occurs in the next two weeks, hopefully resulting in conception.  As soon as a woman conceives, the embryo implants in the uterus. The embryo burrows in the uterine wall causing cramping, which is why cramping after IUI is a good sign of pregnancy.

When are cramps a cause of concern?

As said, you will have cramps due to the embryo’s implantation, and minor cramps are bearable. However, throughout pregnancy, women will have cramps in the first, second, and third trimesters due to enlargement.

The fertility expert will provide you with pain medications to subside cramp pain after IUI. But If you have cramps very frequently, the expert advises you to rest and keep your feet off the ground and stay hydrated.

The cramps should concern if they cause bleeding, excess pain, or unusual symptoms of infection. Also, if you have constant pain, you must consult a fertility expert immediately.

Little things to help mothers-to-be in relieving cramp!!

Cramps are normal, so you can continue your daily routine. However, some small tips can reduce the intensity and frequency of cramps:

  • Take pain medications regularly. Only fertility expert-recommended pain relievers should be consumed for the period advised. If you do not complete the course of medication, it may cause cramps.

Note: Some women also take pain medications during menstruation. Do not take any pain medication without a doctor’s prescription as it may harm the pregnancy.

  • Do not get up with jerks and avoid rushing. Infact, the doctor will advise you to walk, sleep and sit carefully without exerting pressure on the naval to stabilize the conception.

Also, some movements or positions can cause cramps. Recognize and avoid those movements or positions to avoid cramps.

  • Rest, Rest, Rest- The “good news” is the happiest part of your life, and you get a lot of praises, love, and pampering during those days. So, rest, care for yourself and keep your feet off the ground most time.

NOTE: The cramps resemble period cramps, and many women use a hot water bottle or hot water bath to alleviate period cramps. If you are tempted to take them, do so only with the doctor’s permission.


Cramp pain is normal after IUI and subsides with anti-pain medications. IUI is one of the most helpful ART-based fertility treatments that make conception easier by bypassing the hurdles for mature sperm to reach the uterus and fertilize. 

So far, we have helped many couples expand their family, so if you too face any fertility issues or conception turns to miscarriages, do call us to schedule an appointment. We shall solve your fertility issues together in a very compassionate one-on-one discussion.

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