What are the Dos and Don’ts after Embryo Transfer?

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IVF and other forms of embryo transfer can take a toll on the human body. So there are specific sets of precautions and measures that you have to maintain for a successful pregnancy. Pregnancy depends on many factors, such as the quality of the embryo and the receptivity of a woman; however, external factors and extra care can add to its benefits.

If you are undergoing treatment for IVF at IVF hospital in Pune and recently had an embryo transfer, you should be aware of the following factors going ahead.

Things you should do after embryo transfer

Take proper rest: Proper bed rest is important to someone who has undergone embryo transfer. A person needs to get adequate sleep for the body to change steadily. Make sure to take a break from your work and relax your body to avoid any form of stress.

Maintain a healthy diet: There is no doubt that a balanced diet is essential in all kinds of situations. If you have undergone IVF or embryo transfer, ensure that your body receives all kinds of macronutrients and micronutrients in the required amount. A diet rich in proteins is a must for your body after the procedure.

Take proper medication:  Proper medication recommended by your doctor is key to a healthy pregnancy. Make sure to listen to your doctor and stay in touch from time to time after your IVF. Your Fertility doctor will recommend proper medication dosage, which is very important for you to take daily.

Maintain your mental health: Stress can be extremely dangerous after the embryo transfer as much as it is after pregnancy, so make sure you are mentally fit. Keep yourself engaged in doing things that make you happy and calm. De-stressing activities such as yoga and meditation go a long way in maintaining a healthy state of mind.

Things you should not do after embryo transfer

Strictly avoid drinking, smoking, and caffeine: Alcohol is a major cause of pregnancy problems ranging from miscarriage to premature birth. Drugs and tobacco directly harm the embryo, so it is highly recommended to stay out of using them after the transfer. Caffeine also contains compounds that can cause birth defects, so it is recommended to reduce caffeine significantly.

Avoid strenuous physical activity: Any form of stress, be it mental or physical is harmful to pregnancy. With that said, physical activity such as lifting heavy weights has to be stopped. Picking up something heavy from the ground creates abdominal pressure leading to miscarriage.

Sexual Intercourse: Once you are done with your IVF procedure in Pune or any form of embryo transfer, it is highly recommended for the couple to avoid sexual intercourse till you get the results you are looking for. Uterine contraction during sex can interfere with the implanted embryo causing, which you have to avoid at all costs.

Avoid taking baths: Your health professional would not want you to take baths in bathtubs, pools, or ponds after the procedure, as you leave yourself open to potential infection. The alternative is to shower in lukewarm water, just to be on the safer side.

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