What is a Sexologist?


Sexology is the study of human sex and sexuality from a medical perspective. It mainly focuses on emotional intermediation, love conflict resolution, and sex therapy for individuals (for example, insecurity with the body itself).

Although it is a specialty, the scope of the field extends well beyond the treatment. A doctor with sexology training may assist patients who are experiencing problems with sex due to hormonal imbalances.

Forensic sexology, in which the professional examines criminal accusations of sexual abuse, is of particular importance to physicians.

Who is a sexologist?

In the field of human sexuality, sexologists are experts who have specialized training and expertise. To better the lives of those they work with, they do research on their clients’ sexual behaviors, feelings, and interactions and help them resolve any conflicts they may have with their sexual histories.

What does a sex therapist do?

Mental health professionals who specialize in sexual health and therapy are known as sex therapists. A career as a sex therapist may be pursued in a variety of ways. They can also be doctors or nurses with training in psychotherapy and specialized training in sexuality and sexual functioning, intimate relationship dynamics, or they can be a combination of these professions, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist who also has a background in clinical social work or family therapy.

Of course, those are some really large buckets. If you’re looking for help with any of these difficulties and more, you’ll want to seek out a licensed sex therapist who is skilled at handling a broad variety of challenges.

When should I see a sexologist?

Here are a few more reasons to see a sexologist for your physical and emotional health.

Processing sexual trauma

People who have experienced sexual trauma, such as rape or sexual assault, may benefit from the assistance of a sex therapist as they begin to recover. Make sure your therapist has expertise with trauma before you start seeing them.

Aligning mismatched libidos

When it comes to when and how frequently to have sex, couples who can’t seem to get their needs met may benefit from sex therapy to better understand and work through their differences. In addition to helping couples discover new ways to be intimate with one another, a sex therapist may also serve as a mediator, helping to keep discussions on track and track.

Developing a sexually positive mind-set

Not all sex therapists are sex-positive by definition. For those who realize that their sexual anxieties, such as guilt over their urges, may stem from sex-negative beliefs, a sex therapist may be a valuable resource. People’s damaging ideas about their bodies and the “proper” way to have sex may be challenged and broadened by clinicians.

Addressing orgasmic issues

Popular culture representations of sex contribute to the public’s view of how orgasms should occur. Society teaches those who do not belong to the 18% of vagina owners who can only climax through vaginal penetration that PIV intercourse is the most acceptable (or only legitimate) technique. Educating clients on how their bodies respond to sexual stimulation may help them overcome negative thought habits that hold them back.

Assisting in the treatment of painful sex

To identify an actual physical, sexual problem, sex therapists can’t touch their patients. A gynecologist or urologist would be the most appropriate person to handle this. For those who have issues with sex or sexual circumstances because of their emotional or psychological responses, sex therapy may help resolve their issues. Sex therapists may collaborate on a treatment plan with gynecologists, urologists, and/or physical therapists for the pelvic floor.


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Problems a sexologist treats

Sex therapists are educated to assist with problems relating to sexual desire, function, and enjoyment. Sex therapy focuses on the mental and emotional aspects of sexuality rather than the physical. If the sexual dissatisfaction is related to a medical issue, the doctor can diagnose and cure it. Female and male problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction may be treated medically. Sexual therapy may help patients deal with physical issues while also enabling them to experience sexual fulfillment.


Various ancient sex manuals testify to the fact that the study of human sexuality dates back thousands of years and that people have always been fascinated by the many aspects of sexuality. Psychologists, doctors, anthropologists, sociologists, biologists, and epidemiologists all contribute to the work of sexologists.


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